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Why lifetidy

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At LifeTidy we are waging a war against disorganisation.


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Clarity Today & Peace Of Mind For Tomorrow.

We are bringing order and oversight to everyday peoples wealth and administrative life affairs through a highly secure encrypted platform.

The Problem

Most over-45s in the UK have a lifetime worth of important paperwork, including asset records, policies, and financial information, often unfiled and packed in drawers, filing cabinets, a spreadsheet, or saved in old emails.

Bank statements, credit cards, passports, investment details, life, health and insurance policies, trusts, property deeds, mortgage, key certificates (marriage, birth, MOT, stock), personal possessions and wills… it’s no surprise that many of us are losing track. It’s getting harder to see a complete, up-to-date picture of your wealth or find essential information for an application or renewal.

The solution: LifeTidy™

· A holistic wealth dashboard, incorporating Open Banking, gives an overview of your current wealth position, helping you understand, track and manage financial affairs.

· All key life information is securely saved in one place, accessible at any time, anywhere and only to you and those you authorise.

LifeTidy makes searching through piles of paperwork or old computer sub-folders a thing of the past.


Why use LifeTidy™?

LifeTidy saves you time and gives you peace of mind by turning clutter into valuable and secure life data, which combined with a wealth dashboard, give both you and those who you authorise, access anytime and anywhere.

Bring clarity to your life

A dashboard links bank and investment accounts into a comprehensive wealth overview.

Bring order to your life

Understand your finances and keep all important documents where you can find them, accessible any time.

Never miss a deadline

LifeTidy alerts you when important contracts, such as renewing insurance dates, are due.

Peace of mind for your family

Reduce burdens on executors and family by gathering vital Probate information.

Safe and secure

LifeTidy uses the highest level banking and financial services security protocols and adheres to strict GDPR regulations.

Intuitive and simple to use

An integrated scanner makes adding information and uploading documents quick and easy.

How it works

LifeTidy benefits to users

LifeTidy™ saves you time and gives peace of mind by turning clutter into a valuable and secure life data archive for you to access anytime, anywhere.

Our encrypted platform securely stores your important information with an easy-to-use interface, quick document scanning and uploading, and handy features such as renewal reminders and useful guides. It helps you stay on top of life’s administration.

By being well prepared and having your affairs organised today, you provide executors, advisers and loved one’s peace of mind for tomorrow, knowing that they can find all the information they need to deal with probate and Inheritance Tax.

LifeTidy creates order out of chaos by giving you complete clarity over your affairs to have clarity today and peace of mind for tomorrow.



“Having gone through the very painful process of my fathers probate, I now realise how important it is to have my family prepared and protected in the event of my passing”

“I’m amazed that someone else hasn’t created a platform to see all of ones wealth at a glance! I love this idea”

“The app is highly intuitive, and it took me very little time to get organised on LifeTidy”

“Thank you LifeTidy, I would have had no idea where to start in the event I lost my husband, but now my mind is at ease.”


To access your LifeVaults everywhere, get the LifeTidy app on all your devices.


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