About Us

Founders Mark Hamilford and Damon Segal joined forces to create LifeTidy® after the need for such a service struck close to home.


Damon unexpectedly lost his brother in 2019 when he was just 56 years old.

“I was his named executor, so I took responsibility for winding up his affairs even while I was grieving for his loss.

He lived alone and he was a typical bachelor. When I went to the house, it was obvious he’d never thrown a piece of paper away. In his computer room were boxes and filing cabinets full of folders and papers. I spent months ploughing through it all, tracking down policies, key documents and stopping payments and subscriptions. I eventually found seven separate life policies some of which were old an expired and some of significant value.

It was a stressful, complex and frustrating process at an already emotional time. This is where the idea for LifeTidy took seed.”

About Us

Damon and Mark started speaking to friends and soon realised that the majority were in a similar position to Damon’s brother, disorganised.

Worst still, many of their partners had little idea where to find important administration documents, such as life and health cover or mortgage details and assets – things that could make a huge difference to their situation.

The more people they spoke to, the more they became convinced that there was a real need for a digital platform to pull together all the information and paperwork we collect over a lifetime and store it in a secure place. So Mark and Damon pooled their experience in, marketing, design and digital technology to create LifeTidy.


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