Find out how LifeTidy can help your business stay in control of what’s important.

We understand that running a business requires a huge amount of organisation and admin, from multiple teams or individuals. With LifeTidy, you have all your important documents in one place, that can be shared with whoever you choose, either within your organisation or externally.

Safe, secure, stress-free

Our easy-to-use app gives you complete control over valuable and crucial information right from the palm of your hand. Thanks to our ultra-secure platform, you can have peace of mind knowing that your data is fully protected to the same level as the banking and financial services sectors.

LifeTidy for your employees

82% of full time UK employees spend more time doing personal life admin whilst ‘on the clock’ rather than on their lunch breaks, leaving them stressed, overwhelmed and distracted at work.

Let LifeTidy help your team manage the load

Your employees can benefit from clarity over their finances via our money wheel and useful guides. Our handy renewal reminders mean they don’t have to worry about missing a deadline ever again, and can spend more time at work focusing on the things that really matter.


Pre-populate your employee accounts so they can access all their company information, any time, anywhere. From payslips, employment contracts and handbooks to share options, pensions and health insurance, you can customise what company information you want your employees to securely access through the LifeTidy app. Employees can then securely use their pre-populated LifeTidy accounts to manage their overall life admin.


Using LifeTidy means your employees can reduce the amount of time spent on life admin at work, which will help manage their stress levels and increase their productivity.


LifeTidy gives employers the opportunity to educate their employees on key life skills and events, such as tax returns, mortgage applications and home insurance. This in turn will help to empower employees to understand their financial positions and promote financial wellness.


A little help goes a long way. . With LifeTidy, your employees can set handy automated reminders and renewal prompts for when important decisions need to be made, contracts need to be renewed or payments need to be settled, meaning that you and your employees never have to worry about missing a deadline again.

LifeTidy for wealth management

Staying on top of clients’ documents and admin can be complex and difficult, especially as a third party and when you don’t have immediate access to the information you need. Our military-grade encryption and security technology allows ultra-secure file access and controlled, permission-based sharing, to give you and your clients peace of mind.


Our in-app real time messaging tool gives wealth management services the opportunity to enhance their customer communication and engagement. It is quick and easy to relay important information, maintain existing relationships and nurture new ones. It also means that customers can easily rely on their wealth management team as their first point of contact if they need assistance.


LifeTidy allows you to integrate existing core systems such as CRM and supports Open Banking. All other data can be input manually into separate vaults, through a quick and easy to follow process. This means that the user experience can be tailored to your company and your clients’ needs. The app also gives you the option to white label and increase your brand recognition.


LifeTidy gives wealth management services secure access to more information than they would otherwise have, meaning that they have a holistic overview of their clients’ financial situations. The app also tracks when important financial products need renewing and sends immediate notifications when a client's circumstances change, so that you are always in the loop.


The LifeTidy app provides support, templates and step by step guides and tools to carry out an executor's responsibilities quickly and easily. This will include relevant information around key life events such as inheritance, power of attorney and wills.

Strategic partnerships

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