Your personal information belongs to you. Only you decide who to share it with.

Data security is at the core of everything we do, and we work to the highest levels of financial industry security protocols.

LifeTidy incorporates the same cyber security technology used by the banking and financial services sectors and we are governed and audited under the same security and privacy frameworks.

Security systems

Our security systems use private access codes, multi-level authentication and end-to-end encryption. Each class of information you have is stored in its own separate, encrypted data vault for added protection.

LifeTidy is not a route into your online banking or services accounts. We only need read-only permissions to display an account summary on your Wealth dashboard.

Safe and secure

A digital vault for your assets

Data Security is at the core of LifeTidy, with the same levels of security protocols used by the banking and financial services sectors.

Protecting your privacy

The LifeTidy platform is designed with data protection to the forefront, our protocols complying fully with both UK and EU GDPR regulations.

Security Audits

At LifeTidy, we don’t just rely on our own internal security protocols, but we have continual independent checks of these systems by Bulletproof, one of the UK’s leading independent cyber security consultancies.

Cyber Essentials Plus

LifeTidy is Cyber Essentials Plus certified, which is the highest level of certification offered under the government’s Cyber Essentials scheme, which has been developed by the National Cyber Security Centre.


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