No matter who you are or what point you are at in your life and career, being organised feels good.

Good organisation helps you to prioritise, it reduces stress, and it helps you and your family to prepare better for whatever the future holds. However, the speed at which our busy lives are moving means that getting tidy and organised isn't easy. But it should be.

Be organised. Be LifeTidy™

We created LifeTidy for the people who want to take control and have a complete oversight over their affairs. This will give clarity today and peace of mind for tomorrow.


Our research has revealed the following statistics:

20 million

Approximately 20 million people in the UK have unclaimed or lost money floating in dormant savings accounts, pensions, investments, and forgotten bank accounts.


94% of people surveyed do not have their affairs fully in organised in the event of their death, and approximately 30 million people do not have a Will, which can have a significant detrimental impact for Probate.


56% of people surveyed do not know how much their partners are worth, and men are more likely to know what their partners are worth (46% vs 42%)


Almost half (49%) of our respondents, do not know if their parents affairs are in order or where their important documents are kept.

Who is LifeTidy™ for?

LifeTidy is designed for people who want to be better prepared and introduce more organisation to their private their financial affairs:

Spouses and partners

Spouses and partners need to fully understand their finances, with easy access to investment and insurance policies, up to date valuations and key household contracts, particularly if their other half ever becomes incapacitated.

Young professionals and parents

Young professionals and parents busy organising mortgages, insurance, schools, house moves and new jobs can track credit ratings and plan their financial futures.

Retired people

Retired people and those well established in life can simplify a lifetime of personal information and make key documents easy to find for family and loved ones, including seeing an estimate of their inheritance tax through the LifeTidy Inheritance Tax calculator.

Trusted advisors and executors of wills

Lawyers, accountants, wealth managers and probate specialists will need to identify and find all relevant assets and documents in order to complete probate before an Inheritance Tax will be process.


Be organised. Be prepared. Be LifeTidy.

Many of us have a filing cabinet or “home office” filled with piles of unfiled letters, statements and documents. LifeTidy lets you scan and store it all at the touch of a keypad:

  • Bank accounts
  • Credit card accounts
  • Wills and other legal documents
  • Property deeds
  • Powers of attorney
  • Life insurance policies
  • Pension policies
  • Share certificates
  • School information
  • Healthcare documents
  • Identification documents (eg passport, driving licence, birth certificates)
  • Other ownership documentation
  • And much more

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LifeTidy is an intuitive platform that allows you to populate a simple dashboard with all your key data, protected by a private access code known only to you. LifeTidy's integrated wealth dashboard also provides a holistic overview of your current wealth position to help you better understand, track and manage your day-to-day affairs.


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