Greater clarity and peace of mind

LifeTidy is waging a war against disorganisation, because we believe that the benefits of tidying lives through secure and simple to use technology should be made available to everyone.

LifeTidy helps you become better prepared.

Misplacing documentation can cost you extra time, money and stress but this can all be avoided with LifeTidy. With an easy-to-use interface, quick document uploading and handy features including automated reminders and qualified product recommendations, this encrypted platform securely stores your important information and helps you to keep on top of all of life’s administration.

Bring clarity to your life

The platform’s integrated wealth dashboard also provides a holistic overview of your current wealth position to help you better understand, track and track your household assets.

Bring order to your life

Keep copies of all your important documents in one place for when you need them. LifeTidy’s mobile App makes your life information accessible anytime, anywhere for an instant overview of your financial situation.

Never miss a deadline

Once uploaded, LifeTidy tracks contracts, utilities arrangements and insurance policies and will send you an alert whenever a key review, renewal or cancellation date is due.

Peace of mind for tomorrow

LifeTidy is designed for people who want to be better prepared and introduce more organisation to their private and to their financial affairs.

Probate can be complicated

The unfortunate fact of the matter is that after death, probate can be a very complex, often confusing process for loved ones and executors. Without the right information to hand, it can be all the more stressful and expensive.

A digital vault for your assets

LifeTidy solves this problem by acting as a central store of information, held within digital vaults, that can be accessed by authorised individuals with secure encrypted keys on the event of death. By being well prepared and having your affairs organised today, you can guarantee your loved ones complete peace of mind for tomorrow.


Intuitive and simple to use

Adding information and uploading documents is quick and easy using our App’s integrated scanner.

LifeTidy lets you link your bank and investment accounts automatically to your dashboard using secure Open Banking, to give you a real-time overview of your wealth, health and life history.

Safe and secure

A digital vault for your assets

Data Security is at the core of LifeTidy, with the same levels of security protocols used by the banking and financial services sectors.

Protecting your privacy

The LifeTidy platform is designed with data protection to the forefront, our protocols complying fully with both UK and EU GDPR regulations.

Security Audits

At LifeTidy, we don’t just rely on our own internal security protocols, but we have continual independent checks of these systems by Bulletproof, one of the UK’s leading independent cyber security consultancies.

Cyber Essentials Plus

LifeTidy is Cyber Essentials Plus certified, which is the highest level of certification offered under the government’s Cyber Essentials scheme, which has been developed by the National Cyber Security Centre.


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